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Mehran Tavakoli Keshe: The Man, The Technology, the Proof

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I want to provide an update on the Keshe technologies, and along with that, some additional information from Dr. Richard Presser who has been working with the technologies, attended a conference in Italy, spoke with Caroline Keshe, Mehran’s wife, for 2 hours, and is now distributing the technologies in multiple locations across the Globe.
For what it’s worth, I have known and worked with Dr. Presser for 8 or 9 years, I suppose it must be, and his integrity is above reproach.
We now have definitive testimonials from users, and provide links so you can hear the relief people are finding with the pain management products and the MAGRAV plasma generator.
We also have some background on Mr. Keshe, the Iranian-born nuclear physicist who created the technologies and is teaching inventors and interested parties worldwide to create their own energy devices. It’s a learning experience he shares freely with the world, at his own expense.
To recap a little, the Keshe technologies have already been in use by Tepco, in cleaning up the Fukushima Japan nuclear radiation for a couple of years.
As well, the Iranian government TWICE used the Keshe technologies a couple of years ago to safely take control of American surveillance drones violating Iran’s airspace. They were landed remotely in perfect condition. The military contacted the US to let them know, and the first time, as confirmed in this video, Obama begged them to give them back his little toy. That didn’t happen.

So, to say the man is a fake, a liar, cabal, or anything else of that nature is ridiculous. Even ‘Hope Girl’ tried that, but it’s too late to discredit him. Ample proof is out there.
Last month Keshe held a teleconference/Press Conference in Washington, DC with the American press to tell them about his plasma technologies and to let them know that while Obama has been given the blueprints for the plasma power generator, he has refused to release them to the public.
They gave a demonstration, showing how this very inexpensive generator can power at least a dozen common home appliances and light bulbs simultaneously and never run out of juice. It’s over-unity, which means that it generates more power than it uses. This means that the longer the unit is running, the more residual power you have, and can use it for more electrical uses—even a car.

What could be more efficient than that? At least one homeowner we know of who is using these generators has reduced their home electricity bills by 60 per cent. The details are below. There is a factory now in Arizona that will be functional this year, as well as other locations.
When you are open-minded enough to abandon the junk science the controllers taught for so long and look at what has been accomplished, you can see that the Universe and physics as we know them are lies.
That manipulation of reality has kept us small, backward, dependent and broke, and the time to open our minds and learn the truth about the world we live in is here, now. Why would anyone resist that? It’s heady stuff.
Keshe wants to level the playing field, provide food, medicine, clean water, free energy and abundance to every country on the planet—and in so doing—PEACE.
Thank you, Richard, for the updates on this exciting and life-changing work. I hope people can begin to see these breakthroughs for what they are; our new free world and our Golden Age. Next step—the stars! ~ BP

One particular Facebook page as an example for Keshe news

First, as not everyone is familiar with Mr. Keshe, Dr. Presser speaks about Mehran Keshe, the man:

Many people wonder who Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation is and where he emerged from.
Some speculate that, if he were for real, he would be dead. Understandably.
But there have been several attempts on his life, and unless you’ve been following his journey closely, you would not know of these attempts, nor how he has used his technology to heal his body after he was run off the road, breaking several ribs, or to heal himself of the poisonings that he and his family have suffered.
On June 30, 2016, Keshe shared an overview of his journey and the attempts that have been made to kill him and steal his technology. That segment has been separated from his Thursday public teaching andyou can find it here. I commend it to you.

Next, a communication from Dr. Presser about the Keshe technology he is sharing with the public via his websites…
I continue to be amazed by the user testimonials being sent to me on the Keshe Foundation Pain Pen and its companion product, the Pain Pad. They are clearly helping people with conditions well beyond just pain, including with long term arthritic conditions.
Click here for user testimonials on the Pain Pen and click here for those on the Pain Pad. Perhaps you can identify with some of the conditions they are being helped with – pain, arthritis, slow healing, restricted body movement, restless legs…
And some users are getting very creative in using the Pen in particular, working with the pain points on the hands and feet, for example, which refer to other areas of the body.
Now, I’m not claiming these are “cure all” devices and they clearly work better for some people than for others, but if you understand how the plasma from these devices works with the body, these healing benefits make a lot of sense.
Click here to watch my brief video introducing and comparing the Pain Pen and Pain Pad, which helps you to understand them better and to choose between them.

Finally, Richard shares this regarding the plasma generator…
One of the challenges confronting us when we look at a new technology such as that emerging from the Keshe Foundation is “Does this stuff work?
To help answer that question, I have put together a brief video containing a user testimonial on the Keshe Foundation Magravs Universal Home Power Supply. In his conversation with Mehran Keshe, American Robert Stubblefield reports a 60% reduction in his power bill after 2 months of using his unit. He may well have gone on to see a greater reduction in the following months, but this is the reduction I recommend you expect from your own unit.
Click here to watch this testimonial.
A note from Richard on the Plasma Generators:
FYI, I have put the power units on hold on my websites as I’m not seeing the benefits from the initial units that I’d hoped. I don’t doubt the technology but this first unit does not appear to reliably function. The words I send people about it are these:
As per my website, I have decided to stop selling these for the moment until I am clear about the reliability and performance of these units. I have no concerns about the underlying technology. I just want to be satisfied that this technology is delivering reliably into the hands of my customers. Currently, my experiences do not support this objective. When I am, I will add pricing again for these units. I expect this will be 30-90 days from now. Also, for the US and Canada, these units will only be supplied when local manufacturing is up and going and local approvals obtained, and this is unlikely to be completed before October, perhaps November.
If you wish to discuss this further, please call me on my US number below.

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